Girl's Night IN! Parties in Central Illinois

Girls night dinner parties in Peora and Central Illinois
Enjoy time at home with your friends, from 4-24 ladies.

The party includes a 30-Minute Relaxing Massage for each lady and I bring enough therapists to handle any sized group.

I will pour your wine, and provide appetizers for those completed and those still waiting, then provide lunch and dessert or dinner and dessert for the entire group.

I guarantee a great time for all participants and you don't need to drive, since I bring the party to YOU.

There is always a fun surprise too.

  • I bring all my cooking equipment and serve your meal
  • I clean the kitchen when the party is over
  • You get to relax, spend time with your friends and enjoy the evening without worry
  • Price: From $135 per person

What Clients Said About My Girls Night IN! Parties

"Bill you made the night special for my girls and me. We enjoyed relaxing and catching up while you whipped up a delicious meal. Everything was perfect and no improvements are necessary. We enjoyed the massage portion as well. Your therapists were professional and personable. We all felt relaxed and refreshed. They were GREAT! We had a great time and I can't wait to recommend your services!"

"I think what probably stood out the most was the warm, inviting, and friendly personalities of not only Bill, but also the massage therapists. Not to mention the extreme convenience and unique experience that your service offers. Our entire group felt very comfortable and in AWE!! The food was really excellent. I want to thank you for not only accommodating our group but for making the experience so spectacular and enjoyable! I think you offer a wonderful service and I am so glad that we all got to experience it!"

"I can't tell you enough how much we all loved our Girls Night. We've already decided we must do this again. The guys are jealous so we might let them in on the fun next time. We all have such busy chaotic lives and rarely, if ever, do we get a chance to put it all aside to relax with friends. You gave us that opportunity and made it so none of us had to run around playing hostess. Priceless!"